Veneers are a thin shell of porcelain that is bonded to the surface of the teeth to change the shape and shade and position. Some indications for veneers include, but are not limited to misaligned teeth, large spaces between the teeth, and discolored natural teeth with or without restorations. Veneers will dramatically improve the esthetics of your smile with minimal preparation of the teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Staining of the teeth is due to a variety of factors. The most common factors include drinking soda, coffee, tea, red wine; smoking and sometimes genetics. The newest technology allows us to whiten teeth without any change or damage to the tooth structure. This is a great, effective, non-invasive way to achieve a whiter and brighter smile. We offer two types of whitening:

– Take home- We take impressions of your teeth so that we can fabricate custom trays. You will dispense the whitening gel into these trays and wear them for a specified amount of time. This time is usually only 1-2 hours a day for a period of 2-4 weeks. The custom tray at home whitening system allow even distribution of material, a stronger concentration of material, and long term results. Studies show that this method of professional whitening is the most effective and that patients are very pleased with a whiter, brighter smile.

– In office-If you need to start your bleaching treatment with an extra boost. The teeth are isolated so that they remain dry during treatment. Bleaching agents are placed on the teeth and penetrate the enamel to reach the softer layer below where stains are formed. The same thing happens with our take home bleach, this is just a stronger material that requires isolation to avoid irritating any tissue. This is recommended for patients who have major events such as weddings, proms, reunions or presentations coming up and need that boost because of time restrictions. Custom trays are also fabricated and take home bleach is included in this treatment so that you can continue to bleach as you please.