A night guard, also known as an occlusal guard, is designed for patients who suffer from the effects of clenching or grinding and/or TMJ pain. The majority of clenching and grinding occurs while sleeping. Jaw pain, soreness and teeth sensitivity are some of the effects of clenching and grinding. Patients sometimes go without realizing that they are doing this. We will notify you if we see any wear patterns, such as flattened cusps on teeth or thinning enamel.

An occlusal night guard is an excellent treatment option. An occlusal night guard is made of a firm acrylic material and is custom made to fit your teeth. By wearing the occlusal guard to sleep the jaw muscles relax and grinding and clenching of the teeth are limited while sleeping. It is a safe, simple, effective treatment option that can limit teeth grinding, prevent jaw soreness and discomfort, teeth sensitivity and decrease the risk of cavities as it keeps the protective enamel layer intact.